Our Institute


All members and their dependents will ensure that proper decorum with regard to wearing of dress in the Institute is always maintained. Under-mentioned dress code will be strictly followed:-

  • Institute & Polo Bar : Dress code:-
    • Shirt Full/Half Sleeves, tucked in Trousers
    • Jeans (Notfaded, torn or frayed).
    • Shirt collared Half / Full sleeve
    • Proper Bush Shirts may be worn untucked
    • Lounge Suit, Combination, Blazer, Nehru Jacket,
    • Jodhpuri Coat with Trouser, Pullovers.
    • Leather Shoes with socks.
  • National Dress : National dress for males include black Achkan with white churidar pyjama; or cream achkan with cream churidar pyjama; or black short buttoned up coat (Jodhpuri) with black/ white/ cream trousers; or cream short buttoned up coat (Jodhpuri) with cream trousers. When wearing National dress oxford pattern shoes will be worn. Females will wear sober coloured saree, with closed footwear. (Authority: Ceremonial & Welfare Dte/CW-1, Adjutant General’s Branch, Integrated Headquarters of MoD (Army) letter No B/42901/AG/CW-1 dated 10 Apr 2018)
  • Wearing of Patka by Sikh boys under 16 years of age is permitted. Wearing of turban by sikh gentlemen with trimmed beard and shorn hair will not be insisted upon, they may use the DSOI without head gear.
  • Improperly dressed members and their guest shall be requested to leave the institute and will not be served at the DSOI besides being fined Rs.500/- per defecting person.
  • The guest attended party venue are required to adhere to the dress regulations. The DSOI member, host of the party, having guests not adhering to the dress regulations will be fined as per Bye law 32 (d) above. A show cause notice to the member will be given and action to suspend membership for 3 to 6 months will be taken.