Our Institute


The history of DSOI Chandigarh is very much linked to history of Chandigarh. To attract population to the new capital huge tracts of land was allotted to Army, Air force, Ordinance factory etc. On the residential side, Sectors 33 to 36 were earmarked as a Defense sectors. As Officers retired and settled down in the city in the mid-80s a need was felt to have a DSOI in Chandigarh. Finally Land was allotted during the tenure of Gen O P Malhotra as UT Administrator & Governor of Punjab. The cost of land was paid by the Punjab Government.

The Institute was registered as DSOC on 16 Mar 1992. Later another similar registration was done by a rival group of officers on 26 Feb 1996 naming the Institute DSOI. This resulted in a judicial fight in the courts and ultimately there was a compromise agreement that was presided over by then Governor of Punjab and U.T., Administrator Lt Gen JFR Jacob, PVSM (Retd). Accordingly a new Society DSOI (Chandigarh) was registered while both rival bodies were dissolved. Responsibility to oversee affairs of the Institute was given to HQ Western Command (HQWC) on 21 Nov 2001.

In the newly created DSOI management, permanent representation of the Punjab Goverment was ensured by including the Secretary Rajya Sainik Board (exofficio member) and the Managing Director Punjab Ex-Servicemen Corporation (ex-officio member) in the Managing Committee. First elections of the management Committee and Annual General Body Meeting were held on 22 Dec 2001.

The club had a very humble beginning, starting from a thatched roof Gazebo under the mango tree. Many officers contributed by buying life membership to provide the initial seed money to run the DSOI. Over the years everybody contributed to improve the DSOI to bring it to its present glory befitting its stature in City Beautiful.